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We are Learning About America ~ set of posters
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    "We are Learning about America" is a set of 21 Colorful Posters sizes 81/2x11 & 11x17. Wonderful teaching tools for the home and/or classroom. These posters are happy illustrations with Freedom, Liberty, History Friends and the Young Citizens of America, encourage young children to become involved in learning their history. These posters go hand in hand with "We Love Our Constitution" books.

    We Believe in America & Its Remarkable Freedom Trail ~ 11 colorful posters with story booklet
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      There are many events that contributed to this liberty. In this series, we have chosen to begin with the Magna Carta in 1215, through the Bill of Rights made into law in 1791, and ask, "What is our responsibility today?" There are 10 colorful posters with corresponding stories and events printed in the included pamphlet. We hope you enjoy this adventure with your children and may we all say together, "We Believe In America and Its Remarkable Freedom Trail."  They come in 81/2x11 & 11x17. ...

      Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty ~ 11 Colorful Posters
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        Set of 11 Colorful Posters of the United States Constitution's Articles, Bill of Rights and additional Amendments.  Available 8 1/2 x11 & 11x17 sizes.