"If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?"

Often, people look upon us, the young citizens and say, "What can you possibly know or do at such a young age?" However, we ask the following question, "If not us, who? If not now, when?" There is much we can do and learn. Will you please help us to learn?

"They say I am one, yes only one.

They say I am young, yes, too young to care.

They say I can't see, and they say I don't know.

They say it's involved, just too involved for me.

Yes, they say I am one and one doesn't matter.

They say it's impossible, just nonsense and chatter.

But I say I'm one, oh, yes I am one!

I am one that can change the chatter to matter.

I am one with innocence who believes in one's worth.

I am one that can see great gifts from our birth.

I am one who studies to understand truths.

Yes, I'm the one that works so that we won't lose.

The one that has hope for our glorious future.

And the one who lives for blessings unmeasured.

I am the one that defends, the one that sings.

Yes, the one that watches and sends prayers on the wings.

It is true, as they say, that I am only one,

But I'm the one that can turn on the sun.

For together we're strong and together sing songs.

Together we'll share and together we'll care.

Though our stature is small and our experience light,

We are one in thought, and one in might.

For we are the Young Citizens of America."

Copyright © 2006 Preservation of the Arts, Inc.