Young Citizens of America (YCOA)

Promoting the Growth of Young Americans through the Arts

Young Citizens of America (YCOA), a division of America's Family Learning Center, a non-profit educational organization, was developed to share with and teach children, ages 5-11, on the Constitution of the United States of America, the hopes and ideals of the Founding Fathers, and the positive possibilities for their future.

YCOA encompasses personal achievement programs, opportunity for development of a well-rounded individual, motivation and utilization of tools for active citizenship, and strengthening determination to become an outstanding example and leader.

Areas for Learning
We Love Our Constitution
Learning through Music

Expressions Through Art and Literature
I Matter
Achievement and Awards Program

Young people have an innate ability to recognize and understand truth. They love to learn when it is presented in a challenging but fun way. Music has proven to be a most effective tool for long-term recall, and for developing and preserving a tender love for America.
The minds and capabilities of our young people are our greatest resource. Nourish these and America will prosper.

Our Young Citizens online Learning curriculum will begin
Monday, September 19, 2022

Larry and Alice Beebe originally conceived, developed and implemented the Young Citizens of America program in the Washington, DC area. The response of students, parents, educators and civic leaders, was significantly favorable. Many more children and families became involved, and it proved to be an extremely effective program. The continuing enthusiasm of the children confirmed their belief in the program and its concepts, and this encouraged continued development and implementation of an online study curriculum with books, CDs and award programs for the teaching of young citizens.