The Strength of a Nation Lies in the Home

America's Family Learning Center, along with its originators, Larry and Alice Beebe, are excited to introduce to families and children this educational organization with its programs, materials and participation opportunities. it is a fun and exciting way to learn of our history and the part it plays today.

Our lives are filled with an abundance of freedom. However, this freedom is often taken for granted which can be dangerous to our future. Freedom did not just happen. It took may years, many lives with dedication, to arrive at the freedom we enjoy today. We believe it is important for the children to understand the steps of this freedom and what is necessary, as citizens, to keep our freedom for us and future generations.

The learning of freedom principles is not just for the 4th of July or Flag Day. It requires constant and vigilant teaching to prepare our children for their citizenship roles as they grow and develop into wonderful, responsible adults.