Enclosed are 11 colorful posters featuring the Preamble, Articles 1-7, Bill of Rights and the Additional Amendments to the United States Constitution. These posters (8.5 x11 or 11x17) can be used alone or with the corresponding lesson manual book, "Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty."

We hope you enjoy working with these materials and together uphold a Legacy of Faith that was given to us by our forebearers and that we may be determined to preserve it and hand it down to our posterity.

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    Studying the Fortress 11 Colorful Posters
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    Studying the Fortress 11 Colorful Posters
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    Set of 11 Colorful Posters of the United States Constitution's Articles, Bill of Rights and additional Amendments.  Available 8 1/2 x11 & 11x17 sizes.

    Poster Themes

    The Preamble
    Article 1 - Legislative Branch
    Article 2 - Executive Branch
    Article 3 - Judicial Branch
    Article 4 - Relationship of States
    Article 5 - Amending the Constitution
    Article 6 - General Provisions
    Article 7 - Ratification Process
    Bill of Rights
    Additional Amendments

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