Listen to Recording from Audio CD Book, "I Have Lived Sir, a Long Time"

Words of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and John Adams
Inspiring true stories of our great American heritage. The family will love this book. 
(36 pages) 

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    Inspiring true stories of our great American heritage. The family will love this book.

    "No people can be found to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the affairs of men, more than the people of the United States." President George Washington, 1789. (36 pages)

    God Governs in the Affairs of Men; I Have Lived Sir a Long Time; My Country, 'Tis of Thee (song); A Magnificent Stand; God Gave Me the Faith; America Belongs to God (song); Opening the Door for Freedom; Freedom's Highway of 1620; Who Was John Lilburne?; Deliver Us from the Enemy; The Great Spirit Protects that Man; Freedom's Battle in the Hands of God; Providential Hand of Protection; This Is the Time.

    36 pages

    This series' of books contains quotes, speeches, documents, illustrations, music, discussion questions and encouraging stories.

    Also available in this series are sets of colorful Review Cards for all 4 books. 

    America's Family, along with its originators, Larry and Alice Beebe, are excited to share these educational and inspiring books from our We Believe in America series. These books are designed to be used by the family, individuals and other educational opportunities

    We believe America's #1 classroom is within the home. Our great desire is these books will be beneficial in assisting families and children to learn more about our remarkable American heritage and the principles of freedom.

    We believe the lives and dedication of our founding fathers and mothers need to be constant reminders of our heritage of freedom, which was earned by great sacrifice of property, reputation and life. We also believe it is important for the children of America to recognize the guiding and protecting hand of Heaven in the formation of this country and its laws that help keep us free.

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