Rekindling the Flame of Liberty

America’s Family Learning Center has established a biennial, community-based celebration entitled, “Ring the Bells of Freedom.”

The purpose of this event is to unite communities, rekindle desires to learn more about our American heritage, rejuvenate expressions of love for this great country, to become knowledgeable of our constitutional laws, and give thanks to God for our freedom.

The concept of this celebration took root during the 1987 national Celebration of the Signing of the United States Constitution.

On September 17, 1987, the 200th anniversary of the Signing, 740 youth gathered from the surrounding states of Washington, DC, and gave a celebration performance on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

During the preparation of this program, a noticeable difference came over the youth from the first meeting to the final program. Directors, teachers and parents commented they felt they witnessed 740 youth become stalwarts in support of their country. Families became involved and the younger brothers and sisters were also developing a love for America.

2018 Ring the Bells of Freedom