Home-Centered Learning

• We believe America’s #1 classroom is in the home.

• We acknowledge the Family to be the basic core of society.

• We encourage teaching, with understanding of our American heritage and the great legacy of freedom given to us by God.

• We proclaim that extensive use of good music in the home is an essential element for learning.

Home-Centered Learning encompasses programming and materials encouraging families everywhere to meet together often in their homes for learning, sharing, loving, laughing and building an everlasting bond to each other. It is time for instilling the flame of liberty into the hearts of our children, hold family council meetings, and develop the children’s talents through family programs.

Also included in this area are yearly family/community programs sponsored by America’s Family Learning Center. These programs are hosted by various churches and associations within the community. They involve beautiful music and drama supplied by local choirs, soloists, actors, instrumentalists, children, families, bell ringers and you the audience. These programs allow opportunities for the children and families participating in the educational programs and choirs to enhance their skills through recordings and performances, while at the same time, making available to the public, positive and uplifting programs.