Young Citizens of America Ambassadors
If Not Us, Who?  If Not Now, When?

The Young Citizens of America Ambassadors are an activity arm of the Young Citizens of America (YCOA) program. They are highly visible and an effective tool in communicating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The concept of children teaching children is a successful mode for learning.

The Young Citizens of America Ambassadors actively participate in programs throughout the community. They uphold a love for America and a strong belief in the laws and principles stated in the United States Constitution. They lovingly embrace and support the importance of the family. The Ambassadors exemplify good citizenship and strive for high achievement while demonstrating their love for mankind.

In the past, thousands of people have been blessed by their association with these "Ambassadors" and many more will be.

Registration and auditions begin in September of 2019. Please call us for more information.