One of our favorite scriptural accounts at America's Family Learning Center,is found in the Book of Mormon, beginning in Alma, chapter 46 verses 1-28. This history is of a great nation who lived here on the American continent, in about 73-72 B.C.

The other day, we were once again studying this experience, and were amazed how relevant it is for us today. We found ourselves comparing the events and characters at that time to the things that are occurring in our lives today.

Captain Moroni was a dedicated leader with an incredible love for freedom. He was determined to gather the people around and inspire them to fight for their God, country, family, and freedom. They knew what was right and were inspired to fight for these rights.

We, at America’s Family, believe there is no better time than now to return to this chapter and see what more we can learn to ignite again our passion for our God, country, family and freedom. Yes, our God-given right of freedom.

To begin, we would like to introduce you to several leaders involved in this true account.

• There was a man named Amalickiah who had a great desire to be King and Ruler over the people known as the Nephites, and he had many followers.

• Helaman and his brethren, were high priests over the church.

• Moroni, known as Captain Moroni, was the Chief Commander of the armies of the Nephites and a fierce defender of their faith and freedom.

~ So let us begin at Alma chapter 46 ~


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