We Believe in America & Its Remarkable Freedom Trail

Our lives are filled with an abundance of freedom. However, this freedom is often taken for granted which can be dangerous to our future. Freedom did not just happen. It took many years, many lives, and dedication, to arrive at the freedom we enjoy today. We believe it is important for the children to understand the steps of this freedom and what is necessary as citizens to keep our freedom for us and future generations.

There are many events that contributed to this liberty. In this series we have chosen to begin with the Magna Carta in 1215, through the Bill of Rights made into law in 1791, and ask, “What is our responsibility today?” There are 10 colorful posters with corresponding stories and events printed in the included pamphlet. We hope you enjoy this adventure with your children and may we all say together, “We Believe In America and Its Remarkable Freedom Trail.”