Often, people will look upon us, the young citizens, and say, "What can you possibly know or do at such a young age?" However, we can ask the same question that President Ronald Reagan asked, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

We know there is much we need to learn and do for we, the young citizens, are the future leaders of America.

We are the Watchmen of Freedom,
Heralds of Truth,
Strength of the Nation,
and Defenders of the Constitution
of the United States of America.”

To prepare for this future responsibility, we challenge ourselves with the following goals to:

n Develop a deep understanding and appreciation for America;

n Encourage other youth to learn about our great heritage of freedom;

n Gain the courage and knowledge to speak out;

n Disicipline ourselves for study and high achievement;

n Learn and perfect peformance/speaking skills;

n Develop confidence through goal achievement;

n Take advantage of opportunities for service in our homes and communities;

n Make the best of every situation;

n Learn to be happy with ourselves;

n Become outstanding Young Citizens of America.


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