Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty

Introduction including 11 Articles of Constitutional Freedom

Lesson 1 Sovereignty of the People
Lesson 2 Separation of Powers
Lesson 3 Limited Powers of Government
Lesson 4 The Principle of Representation
Lesson 5 A Moral and Righteous People
Lesson 6 Preamble to the Untied States Constitution

Article 1 - Legislative Branch
Lesson 7 The Congress
Lesson 8 The Senate and Congress Elections and Meetings
Lesson 9 Rules, Procedures and Privileges
Lesson 10 How to Pass Laws
Lesson 11 What Congress an Do
Lesson 12 What Congress Cannot Do
Lesson 13 What the States Cannot Do

Article II - Executive Branch
Lesson 14 President and Vice President
Lesson 15 Qualifications and Oath of Office
Lesson 16 Military Powers, Treaties and Filling vacancies
Lesson 17 Other Powers and Duties of the President
Lesson 18 President's Removal from Office

Article III - Judicial Branch
Lesson 19 Judicial Power and Trial Rules
Lesson 20 Treason and Punishment

Article IV - Relationship of the States
Lesson 21 States' and Citizens' Privileges
Lesson 22 New States and Territories, Rights and Protection

Article V - The Amendment Process
Lesson 23 Amendment Procedure

Article VI - General Provisions
Lesson 24 Debts, Treaties and Oaths

Article VII - Ratification Process
Lesson 25 Ratification Procedure and Signers

Signers of the United States Constitution
Lesson 26 Signers and short information

Responses from our Founding Fathers
Lesson 27 James Madison, Jr., James Wilson, Charles Pinckney, George Washington

Bill of Rights

Lesson 28 Amendments 1-5
Lesson 29 Amendments 6-10

Additional Amendments
Lesson 30 Amendments 11-15
Lesson 31 Amendments 16-19
Lesson 32 Amendments 20-27